Nikki McAnulty

Nikki completed her Bachelor of Natural Resource Science at TRU.  For her Honours thesis she examined the ecology of a population of semi-urban garter snakes (Thamnophis sirtalis) existing on the interface of marshland and a major recreational facility in Kamloops.  She has conducted standard mark/recapture work to reveal the structure of the population, and at the same time she attempted radio-telemetry to examine the behaviour of gravid females.  Her field season in 2021 was significantly impacted by record high temperatures (close to 50 C) and a great deal of wildfire smoke.  However, her snakes disappeared underground and appeared to wait out the severe conditions.  Nikki was aided in her work by  Drs. James Sudhoff (TRU Animal Health Techology) and Fergus Alexander (BC Wildlife Park), and support was provided by the Parks & Recreation division of the City of Kamloops and a TRU UREAP award.

You can reach Nikki at