TRU successfully hosts the 2018 Canadian Herpetological Society

Largely thanks to our lab, TRU hosted the 2018 annual meeting of the Canadian Herpetological Society. from September 21-24th.   In addition to the actual meeting (with over 120 delegates in attendance), a one-day workshop on road ecology and mitigation was held on Friday.  Dr. Christine Bishop, a frequent Environment Canada collaborator with our research group, won the career-achievement award from the Society, and the Nk’Mip Desert Cultural Centre (which supports much of our work on snakes in the Okanagan) won a prestigious award for their institutional contribution to the conservation of amphibians and reptiles in Canada. 

Past and present graduate students along with many undergraduates volunteered their time to make the event a success.  Thanks go out to everyone who chipped in their time.



Stephanie’s road ecology research highlighted by The Canadian Press

Stephanie’s work on the road ecology of rattlesnakes in the South Okanagan was the subject of a recent article released by The Canadian Press.  Her work, which included a ‘population viability analysis’ model, shows the pessimistic prospects for her study population unless mitigation actions prove successful in decreasing road mortality [unfortunately, Stephanie herself is not named in the article – but it’s all her thesis research! ].  Click HERE to see the article on the Globe & Mail website.

Another successful World Snake Day

Dana took time out from her field season to organize and contribute to another successful World Snake Day event at the Nk’Mip Desert Cultural Centre.   The Nk’Mip Desert Cultural Centre, and the Osoyoos Indian Band, have been great supporters of our work there, so what better place to start a tradition of WSD on July 16.    Click here

Val wins the In A Nutshell competition

Valerie Law won the “In A Nutshell” competition at TRU, where senior undergraduates are each allowed 3 minutes to present on a research project.  Val worked on the field crew last summer, steering a ‘refugia’ project for rattlesnakes within  a  a vineyard.  She is using the work for her senior Graduating Essay in the Bachelor of Natural Resource Science program.  Congrats, Val!   Check out the story:

Holiday Social 2017 (so soon?)

Already?!?!? We  held our 2017 ‘lab’ holiday social on December 11th, and an amazing collaborative feast took place.   Stephanie organized a great rotating gift exchange with everyone walking away with ‘interesting’ little presents.  Thanks to everyone for helping with the preparation and cooking.   Back row: Karl, Cole, Jared and Anna.  Front row: Steph, Cheryl, JoAnne, Sydney, Dana, and Edyta.